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The Dance Foundry was officially launched at a function at Studio 53 on Saturday 17 January 2015.

Classes started Monday 19 January 2015.  Each and every class has had great attendance at the Barre.  Great fun, high energy and plenty of dance enthusiasm. Looks like the adults of Mackay are definitely keen to dance.

If you haven't managed to join us yet, don't panic.  You can join us at any time.  Just make sure you arrive half an hour before your first class to complete required paperwork.

Our Facebook page has now hit over 1400 likes! Thanks for your support everyone - keep the word going!


Given we all lead busy lives, class times will always be set with adult responsibilities in mind.

We're conveniently located at Studio 53, Gregory Street, Mackay for a majority of our classes.

We will also be using the International Dance Affair Studio (IDA) for some classes in 2016 which is located at 10/45 Evans Avenue, North Mackay QLD, 4740.

**Please refer to our timetable for your class location.

It's important to keep our classes reasonably priced and flexible.  You can just show up on the day and pay as a casual class goer, or you can buy a class package which will make things cheaper.  Either way you won't have anything to catch up on if you don't get to class for a week.  We know life is busy.  All of our classes are based on your enjoyment of dance - no stress.

No uniforms - just comfy clothes, suitable to dance in.  Suitable shoes are a must - to keep you safe.

Start in comfortable street shoes until you are ready to purchase dance shoes.  Chat to us about what is best.


This is the only venue in town that caters for adults who love all dance genres.  Up until now if you 'aged out' of  your dance school what did you do?  Stop dancing.  What a shame.   Or where did you go if you wanted to learn to dance or to get fit through dance.....hmmm not sure.

The Dance Foundry doesn't want that to happen any more.  Dance should be for adults {17 plus} as well.